[Event] Its more fun in the Philippines with LEGO

SM Lanang Premier unveils Mindanao’s first & largest LEGO Philippine themed show last June 3,2013 as part of its Independence Day celebrations.  In partnership with LEGO, the world’s leading maker of toy bricks and Toy Kingdom, SM Lanang Premiere brought the Lego Philippine map exhibit to promote the love of our country and national pride among Filipinos.  With its aim to re-create the country’s  7, 107 islands highlighting landmarks, icons and tourist attractions.



Mall shoppers can get a glimpse of the LEGO exhibit which is housed at The Atrium, SM Lanang Premiere from June 3-30, 2013. Kids and the young at heart can also join LEGO’s fun activities – “My Own Creation” and “Play Area – which will run daily until the end of June at the sidelines of the LEGO exhibit. Exciting prizes awaits the winners of these activities.

Here are some of my personal favorite shots I did during the unveiling of Lego Philippine themed show:


Malancanang Palace

Pearl Farm


Kadayawan Festival




Crocodile Park Davao

St. Paul’s Subteranean River


El Nido Palawan


Paoay Church & Bangui Windmills (both from Ilocos)


Seeing all these, is like having a visual vacation and gives me more ideas as to where will be our next vacation destination with friends.


[Event] Davao Bloggers Acquaintance Party 2013

Its been a year since I became a member of Davao Bloggers Society. I had joined the Davao Bloggers group last year and met new friends, attended events and meet different personalities from Davao and from around the Philippines. At first, I was hesitant to join, since being a newbie in the blogging world means lots of adjustments. But luckily, upon joining the group, I was somehow at home being with the group. Aside from attending events, at times we get to hang-out together with bloggers to develop friendship with them. Since we all share the love for food, watching movies and hanging-out.

I won 2 tickets to Maxima Aquafun during the twitter raffle.

 photo ccd118b5-0829-4d29-9c5e-1f75b6586f4f_zps22a6c4fc.jpg

Davao Bloggers Society Members & Officers during the event:

 photo 017-2_zps76f7e76e.jpg

Big thanks TO our Davao Bloggers Society Acquaintance Party 2013 Sponsors:

 photo 2013-05-03180948_zps293ca7aa.jpg

Joining this group had not just gain me more friends, but also had me realize that it opens me to a world of endless possibilities.

[Events] Bulgogi Brothers Opens @ SM Lanang

Davao has become a food haven as recently a lot of restaurants from different places had opened here at SM Lanang Premiere. One of its latest addition to its numerous new dining places is Bulgogi Brothers. A Korean restaurant which specializes on Bulgogi (which means Fire meats), its a franchise from korea brought to us by the Bistro group of restaurants which also had franchised Friday’s & Italiannis. Just a short background about Bulgogi Brothers, it has 38 stores over South Korea, its first international branch is the one in Manila.

I love spicy food, since korean food is a mix of spicy food & almost similar to Japanese food. I had no problem in adapting to it. In fact, me & my family would dine at least twice a month on korean resto’s around town.  Whats good about korea food is that their everyday meal is healthier compared to other dishes and you will feel that you are having a lite meal since almost all of the food served at the resto is not just delicious but also healthy.

As we entered the restaurant, we were immediately serve with a cup of their corn tea, while they introduce what we will be having during the taste test. We were served with their complimentary side dishes such as pickled veggies, sweet corn, eggplant & of course Kimchi.
 photo 1f9c2614-c035-4757-88d4-7b2b083dbe06_zps9172898b.jpghe

For starters, we had their new addition to their choice of Salad

 photo 8fbe02c2-2d3c-4c3a-944d-e269029aa13d_zps8d135c6d.jpg

Chicken Naengchae Must Try! – Honey chicken w/ Salad  in Oriental dressing.. I like this dish, something new to my taste since it has honey chicken

 photo 677f0a36-7f01-4ab8-9011-672dc260bccc_zps6b25a545.jpg

Haemul Gungjung Mandu (MUST TRY!) Fried dumpling with seafood served with spicy sauce. This is one of my favorite among the dishes served. I like the dumplings with the spicy sauce.. they are perfect together (for those who love spicy sauces)

 photo 421d2adc-4dd2-4fc4-a3b7-a216278cd0d0_zps336dee34.jpg

Dubu Steak- Fried tofu steak with teriyaki sauce, its something light yet really good.
 photo ba11e032-7cd3-4010-b2f4-dba9c653414d_zpsb8e8424f.jpg

Bulgogi Brothers Special- Heart-shaped marinated beef w/ sweet potatoes & Onions

 photo b03542cb-5c74-485d-bd46-b0f4dc44bfaa_zps7d29ca09.jpg.

Premium Ribeye & Boneless Short Ribs Combination(MUST TRY!) I love the taste of this, the tender beef strips mixed with bean sprouts

 photo 3b637724-b895-4cb8-8f9e-1762f9912e77_zps3eaec585.jpg

Kimchi Jigae– (kimchi Stew) is a bit spicy for people who aren’t into spicy food, but this is really good, aside from the kimchi, it has white rice cake mixed in it. its something korean-chinese dish. After gulping the soup, ul feel a bit refreshed .. (go figure) 😀

 photo bfc49d6f-59b6-457e-a5aa-c6eb1d53b542_zpsa8fa8754.jpg

Haemul Bimbimbap– Rice topped with shrimps, squid & veggies- If your a fan of korean rice topping, you would love this.

 photo 8532d6ed-4796-4d50-90aa-bb41126e5bd1_zpsc2c97293.jpg

For the drinks we were made to choose from the two best-sellers which are the Raspberry Tea mint ( Raspberry concentrate w/ mint leaves ) & Citrus Mint (Calamansi concentrate w/ mint leaves). For desserts they brought a bundle of  korean ice creams for us.

 photo 4cac5dce-915a-4ba8-b13c-3c53782295ab_zpsb90fedb2.jpg

It was a fun dining here at Bulgogi Brothers. I would recommend foodies & people who are game in trying different dishes to try this out. Its fun dining the korean way.


Bulgogi Brothers

3rd Level SM Lanang Premiere

you can check their Fan page @ https://www.facebook.com/Bulgogi.Brothers.Philippines?ref=ts&fref=ts

[Event] Cellar de Boca Opening

Davao has really made it big with lots of malls, more restaurants are opening in the past month. Recently,Cellar de Boca had invited us bloggers to try their dishes during their opening held at their resto at SM Lanang Premiere. A wine kitchen that is owned by Tricie Pengson-Arcenas, her husband Vince Arcenas & wine importers Bobby Basa Tenchavez & Carlo Calma Lorenzana. It was created after the success of their 1st restaurant Cellar de Oboza, located at their ancestral house on Rizal St. owned and managed by Tricie & Vince Arcenas.

Tricie’s brothers are successful chefs in Manila. Her culinary success began when she opened Salutti last 2007, a hole-in-the-wall Italian Bistro. Her brothers are also chefs. She wanted to bring out a menu where comfort food can be affordable and reachable everyday.

Aside from the selection of quality wines from Lagarde, Cellar de Boca is something to look forward to, in terms of their selection of food on the menu. I got to try their specialties during their opening night. Here are what we had during the said early dinner:

003-9_zpsd0ddce7e photo 003-9_zpsd0ddce7e-1_zps5d2359fe.jpg

Since I didn’t come on time due to work, they gave me a plate of appetizers. (from left-Right) Imbao w/ chorizo, Tuna Tartar & Steak Empanada. Among this 3 appetizers, its the steak empanada that got me craving for more. The imbao with chorizo taste good same as with the tuna tartar.

008-5_zps1124f121 photo 008-5_zps1124f121-1_zpsea400fb3.jpg

Tuna Plantsa is tuna that is cooked on its 4 sides & raw on the center with a tangy sauce. Its something new for me.

014-4_zps530f89a1 photo 014-4_zps530f89a1-1_zps88bdad28.jpg

Boca Angus Steak Must Try!- is their house specialty. Though I don’t eat steak cooked medium rare, I really have to taste this. Its really good, after a small piece, I requested the waiter to have it well-done for me to enjoy it.

016-1_zps7a6fd08d photo 016-1_zps7a6fd08d-1_zps7c58f285.jpg

Paella Fried Rice– its one of their specialty rice, its a mix of seafood in brown rice. Its a must try! same with their Steak Rice which is really good. (no photos)
020-6_zpsb1087eeb photo 020-6_zpsb1087eeb-1_zps5076cef3.jpg

Churros w/ chocolate dip- The dip was made of 100& pure cocoa tablea. the richness of the chocolate paired with the churros is a good match & its not too sweet.
Its really a delight to dine at Cellar de Boca, a great hang-out with friends over a glass of wine and sumptuous comfort food.


Cellar de Boca

2nd floor Fountain area SM Lanang Premiere

[Events] Hog’s Breath Pre-Tasting

Hog’s Breath Cafe has opened its doors to Davao last December  10,2012, coined as Australia’s home-grown steakhouse. It has opened its first branch in the Philippines which is located at SM Lanang Premiere. It has 80 branches around Australia & a few branches in New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Papua New Guinea & Vietnam.Since the resto was really not open to the public during the pre-tasting, it was exclusive to the media and bloggers that day. We had a tour on what the restaurant had during the event.


The restaurant is spacious, in fact, its Hog’s breath’s biggest branch. They had a function room & a bar to serve people who are on meetings or special occassions. There where two menus to choose from during the pre-tasting event. We chose the Menu B. We were given two servings per order for our group to share.


Here are what we had during the Pre-tasting event:


Buffalo Wings- Chicken wings on buffalo sauce and Bleu cheese dip


Salmon Nicoise Salad– Pan-seared salad on a bed of salad greens accompanied with chunks of potatoes, cherry tomatoes and drizzles of Hogs breath Italian Viniagrette. One of my fave since it has salmon 🙂


Smoked Pork BBQ Ribshalf slab of baby back ribs in barbeque sauce with twister fries on the side. Its one of the house specialty.


Natural Prime Rib Steak (200g) Must try!– a juicy Australian beef steak which was cooked medium well with mashed potatoes, veggies & corn. This one of the highlight of the meal we had during the pre-tasting.


Tomato Bruschetta- bruschetta with tomatoes on garlic bread.


Salt & Pepper Calamari– fresh squid fried in special breading marinated in salt & pepper. one of my fave during the pre-tasting


Seafood Marinara.. Must try!– pasta with seafoods in red sauce.

Food trip won’t be complete without trying their desserts & specialty drinks. Here are what we had for desserts:



For the drinks, we had Frozen Mixed Berries which is a mix of Sorbet, strawberry, raspberries & Apple Juice.. its a MUST Try!  Mango– a mix of Mango & Apple juice & Tropical– Strawberries, Mango, Banana & Fruit juice mixed into a smoothie. The drinks they serve were refreshing.. perfect for our food trip. (from left-right)

Mississippi Mud Cake– its chocolate cake with a cup of ice cream. for the chocolate lover who loves the mix of vanilla & chocolate cake. I instantly like this after the first taste.

Banana Split– Banana cut into half with three scoops of ice cream, its something ice cream lovers would love.

Apple Crumble– Home style apple crumble w/ caramel sauce. Its one of my favorite among the three desserts we had during the event.


Its always been fun to try new restaurant to gain dining experience, with this resto, you will surely enjoy not just the sumptuous food, but you will also love hanging out on their cozy place plus good service.


To know more on their updates and promos, you can add them thru FB Fan Page.. Hog’s Breath Café Davao on http://www.facebook.com/HogsBreathCafeDavao and you can also follow them on Twitter @HBCafeDavao for updates.

Hog’s Breath Café Davao

is located at Unit 147 – 149 Ground Floor, SM Lanang Premier, Lanang, Davao City. It is near the SM Lanang Supermarket entrance/exit going at the Fountain Court.

[Events] Bistro Selera

Bistro Selera had invited us bloggers to attend their exclusive bloggers lunch last Nov 12 at their SM Lanang branch at the 2nd floor  fountain side area. It is a Filipino restaurant that is home grown, their dishes are proudly Davao, they make use of the ingredients that are popular in Davao. It was one of the memorable lunch we had, because we had a feast of something uniquely Davao. To start with, they served us their specialty dishes from the 3 appetizers to their specialty soup and their specialty main course. Here are what we had on the lunch:

 003-8Bacon wrapped Bagaybay (Fish Egg) @ P250

its fish egg wrapped in bacon with garlic bits, I would recommend this to those who love trying out something new.


Dalawang isdang lumpia (2 kinds of fish spring rolls) w/mango cilantro dip P260

its one of my fave during the lunch, its compose of ubod and 2 kinds of fishes which are the bangus (milk fish) & tuyo (dried fish)  that is wrapped here.


Pan-seared tuna with Durian Curry Sauce & Toyo-mansi (Soy Sauce & Calamansi) P288

Fresh tuna pan-seared cooked outside but raw inside in a bed of spinach & tomatoes. Its something uniquely Davao, I like the durian curry sauce, it gives the tuna a more exciting taste.


Selera Curry Soup P310

Mixed seafood with Curry & Durian.. this one is really good..even those who doesn’t like durian would simply love this soup. its a Must Try!


Pork Ribs Inasal @ P320

Grilled Pork Ribs Inasal Style with pickled carrots n raddish is really good..something different than the usual chicken inasal Must Try!


Beef Roulade

caramelized onino wrapped in Tender Davao beef  pan fried w/ veggies & fettucini.. Its one of my fave dish..Must try!


Mangosteen Ice cream w/ sticky rice @ P110

its a unique dessert.. a combination of the sour taste of mangosteen ice cream  with the bit of sweetness of the Suman (sticky rice) Must try!


Mangosteen Mousse @ P138

a unique blend of mangosteen fruit bits made into mousse.. Must Try!

    I had visited their first branch a few months ago,have dined there with my family. Kusina Selera located at the Legaspi Suites located at Pelayo St (formerly Legaspi St). According to the owner of Bistro Selera, some of their food on the menu are not available on their Kusina Selera branch. They are planning to market Bistro Selera as a Bistro restaurant, so they have a few seperate menu items which will be offered weekly or monthy as specials in the next few months. Would like to thank the management of Bistro Selera for hosting the Lunch Event for us Davao Bloggers. To chef Jaypee Landingin for preparing the delicious and unique feast we had. For Sir Michael Trinidad for entertaining us. Really had a fun dining experience here. Will definitely come back to try their other dishes. 🙂

[Events] A Royal Christmas 2012 @ SM Lanang Premiere

SM Lanang celebrates Christmas the Royal way, media & bloggers alike where invited to experience this wonderful unveiling of  the 40 feet christmas tree last saturday November 10,2012.


The  Manila String Machine and the Davao City National High School choir serenaded the guest with christmas songs.


The Christmas tree lighting Ceremony was unveiled by Ms Margie Moran-Florendo together with the ballerinas.

076Christmas isn’t complete without Santa’s visit…


Christmas won’t be complete without gift giving to the kids.. 🙂

Gingerbreads and Hot Choco’ where served to guest who had attended..


102-1Got a big hug from Santa… Ho! Ho! Ho!

its truly a Royal Christmas at SM Lanang Premiere!

[Events] Clawdaddy opens at SM Lanang

Clawdaddy the great American Picnic’s Media Launch was held  last October 22,2012. Friends from the media & bloggers were invited to taste their food. I was one of the  privileged to get invited to the event. Clawdaddy specializes on Seafoods cooked in Cajun Seafood cooking, their extensive menu includes American food like steaks, ribs & other seafood specialties.


On the event, we were served with Davao’s fresh produce which are the Seafoods & the fresh fruits. We had a feast of flavors from their bestsellers to their seafoods. Here are some of the food served on the Media Launch:


Tri-color Nachos w/ Malagos Cream cheese & Guacamoles …Clam Chowder

Their Tri-color nachos in Malagos cheese is something new to me since the usual nachos I get to enjoy usually has this melted cheese and salsa, but this one is different since the salsa was made with mangoes, tomatoes and some greens. The Clam chowder is really good since its made of three kinds of clams which are the white clams, green clams & Imbao in a thick Malagos Bleu Cheese chowder is really good.


Seafood Skewers  & Tablea & Coffee Bread Pudding

The Seafood skewers is a mix of  Tuna  Malasuge Kebab is good, the fish was freshly grilled with sunville rice Pilaf will soon be  an addition to their menu. Not to forget the dessert, we were served with Tablea & Coffee Bread Pudding which is local dark chocolate & grown Coffee bread pudding with Marang Sauce & white chocolate cream cheese frosting. I’m not a fan of desserts but this one got me, it was quite interesting to give this pudding a touch of Davao by adding the Marang sauce to it.  This 4 new additions will soon be in their menu. Its something new for everyone to try.

   Have you ever wondered how does this Taste of Davao is all about? At a first glance, its just like your ordinary Four Season shake. Its made of Davao’s popular fruits (Durian, Pomelo, Marang & Mango) it tasted like your usual Four seasons with a hint of durian n a little sweetness of Pomelo & Marang. Something you guys should try when you visit the resto.

We were also served with some of their bestsellers which are the (from Left to Right) Cajun Shrimp Pomelo Salad its made of seared bacon wrapped shrimps, the greens, herbed croutons, organic tomatoes & Passion fruit in Pomelo viniagrette. I love the bacon wrapped shrimp mix with the greens, it really a good combination.

Grilled Oysters are char-grilled oysters are fresh, its something I don’t usually get to taste at home. This Clawdaddy Fish fry are a mix of fried Calamari, cornmeal crusted clams, blackened fish & Shrimp Popcorn w/ 3  sauces which are the tartar sauce, malt vinegar and cocktail sauce. Clawdaddy’s Fish fry is like a seafood sampler is really a good appetizer.I like their Calamari & Shrimp popcorn in Tartar sauce.  Their char grilled Baby back ribs in Honey & Molasses bbq sauce w/ dirty Jambalaya rice & Coleslaw is really good, the ribs are tender with the right amount of sweetness on the bbq sauce is good especially when paired with their dirty Jamabalaya rice. The Singaporean Crabs are crabs in sweet chili sauce, its something I really love since I am a fan of sweet spicy food, its sweetness n spiciness are just right. A must-try for new diners.


However, outstanding among their mouthwatering choices, are their delectably irresistible Boiling Bags. Found nowhere except in the superior kitchen of Clawdaddy, these boiling bags offers an array of seafood choices such as shrimp, prawn, mussels, and clams cooked in a Cajun spices.For all these the choices for the flavoring include Garlic butter, creole Cajun and the home grown clawdaddy spice. Choosing as well between mild or spicy.

Included in their quality seafood offerings are various types of crabs such as Typhoon Crab, Butter Ginger and Sand of the Beach. I love their Boiling bags, they have retained the freshness of the seafood in using this boiling bag in cooking the seafood together with the spices. Its not your usual crabs n seafood boiled and you get to pair it with our usual (soy sauce, calamansi & vinegar) to go with it. Its something different.  Its a must-try! for first timers.


Clawdaddy offers more than great food, it provides an opportunity to bond with the people close to your heart over bibs, buckets of shells and most importantly an unforgettable cuisine that offers the best that the sea has to offer.­­

[Events] SM Lanang Cyberzone Opening

Last September 27, a day before the official opening of SM Lanang’s Cyberzone. We were invited to attend this event with other bloggers and the media. Upon entering the Cyberzone, you’ll discover that everything you need in terms of tech stuffs you can find it all here. From Laptops to mobile phones and other gadgets are here. Its indeed a one-stop place for the “techies”


During the event, they had invited a Brazilian model and a host to cover the event, there were also games like kinect, they where also 2 robots and they had a photobooth. Among the stores that where opened where Qube, 8telecoms, Octagon, Tekpone and lots of other tech stores.


To know more about the company, visit SM Lanang Premier Facebook Fanpage (http://www.facebook.com/smlanangpremier) and SM Cyberzone’s website at http://www.smcyberzone.com
To connect with Cyberzone on Facebook, follow https://www.facebook.com/smcyberzone and like them on https://twitter.com/smcyberzone


[Events] Max’s launched its 4sharing meal

We just had attended Max’s Fried Chicken’s launch of its 4sharing Meals. It was held on its first branch here in Davao which is located in Abreeza mall. They are opening their 2nd branch this November at SM Lanang Premiere.  They invited us Davao Bloggers to try the 2 new dishes that is included on the 4sharing meal which are the Adobong Baka sa Gata & Beef Caldereta, which are among the Filipino favorites that compliments with the popular Max’s Fried Chicken. Since most of the people who dine out on restaurants are in groups. They had thought of  a group meal bundled for 4. The meal includes 4 Rice, 4 Iced Tea, 1 Whole Max’s Fried Chicken and a choice of either  the Adobong Baka sa Gata or Beef Caldereta @ P899.

Photobucket Photobucket

   Max’s Adobong Baka is a sure favorite with its tender chucks of beef and sayote cooked in a rich and mildly spiced coconut milk sauce with green finger chili.  Max’s Beef Caldereta, It’s a hearty beef stew in thick tomato-based sauce, with just the right level of spiciness, garnished with tomatoes, carrots, red and green bell peppers and green peas. I had tasted both the Calderetang Baka & Adobong Baka sa Gata, but among the two, I like the Adobong baka sa Gata more since I like viands w/ gata. But I assure you both of them taste good.  If you order Max’s 1 whole chicken for take-out, you will get a bottle of Max’s ketchup that goes well with your Max’s Fried Chicken, its available for take out.
Aside from this good news, they are offering kiddie party themes which are the Junior Master Chef kiddie Party & the Junior Art kiddie Party. Will keep you guys updated on this new kiddie parties soon.


Max’s 4Sharing Group Meal offering is available for delivery and take-out at Max’s Davao, located at the 2nd Floor of Abreeza Mall Davao in J.P.  Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. It’s time to make the beeline once again to Max’s Restaurant! Learn more about Max’s 4Sharing Meals by logging on to www.maxschicken.com. Visit www.facebook.com/maxsrestaurant and be the first to know about the coolest offerings from the Filipino’s most loved brand. For deliveries you can call them at (082) 285-0558