my experience

My shopping experience was really good. I was reminded that June 30 was about to come a few weeks back. I have to decide as to what I would purchase with the GC that was given to me. At first I was to choose to buy clothes online, but since I need to fit them first before I buy them. I also had thought of getting a new wallet, but I can’t just put my red wallet aside since it was a gift from a good friend. So I just decided to get a new bag since I was really looking for a new one.

I find it really convenient to shop online using multiply since its just a few clicks away and your done. No need to dress up just to go to the mall, no need to commute, no need to find someone who can accompany you to the mall. No hassles, all you need to do is go visit and search the item you want to buy, compare prices and decide whether you need or want the item. It takes at least 3-5 days for it to be delivered.

Thanks to multiply for the convenience of purchasing online.