Apo View at 65

Recently, we were invited by Apo View for a luncheon meeting with their CEO Chris Pamintuan, as he talks about the history of Apo View & the plans they have for the celebration of the hotels 65th Anniversary.The hotel has been the very first hotel in Davao City & the 2nd longest running hotel in the Philippines. It has been around since the late 1940’s, and this coming March 23, 2013 they are celebrating their 65th year anniversary.  On a press release given to us:

On March 23rd we will be hosting a thanksgiviing party for its industry partners, valued clients and friends. Guest will be treated to a lavish spread of cocktails and tapas. For the evenings entertainment, some of the country’s most talented musicians who started their careers at Apo View Hotel will come home to join the celebration, they will entertain guest ang show their appreciation to the hotel, which was home to them before making it big outside of Davao. There will also be loyalty recognition awards to their loyal employees who have devoted their lives to serving the hotel and the hotel’s guests.

 photo 020-6_zps5b33ca04.jpg

The Pamintuan family founded Apo View Hotel in 1948 when  the world was still recovering form the World War II. The hotel which started as a 15 room lodge and a restaurant aimed to accomodate those who were exploring Davao and were looking to rebuild their lives in Davao. Today, the hotel has grown into a first-class facility with over 150-rooms, two dining establishments, a bar, a casino and a wide range of convention and banquet facilities.

 photo apo_view_exterior_shot_zps5814c830.jpg

The hotel has been recognized by the Department of Tourism as a Pioneer Hotel in 1999 and was given International Recognition for efficiency and International Gold Star for Quality in Switzerland on the same year. Moreover, the hotel received the prestigious Datu Bago Award in 1992, the highest recognition by the city of Davao to outstanding constituents.

With new leadership backed by an experienced staff, Apo View Hotel marks its 65th year with the assurance that the hotel will continue to grow alongside Davao City to provide locals and guestly a distinctly Davao experience with each visit.


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