[Event] Cellar de Boca Opening

Davao has really made it big with lots of malls, more restaurants are opening in the past month. Recently,Cellar de Boca had invited us bloggers to try their dishes during their opening held at their resto at SM Lanang Premiere. A wine kitchen that is owned by Tricie Pengson-Arcenas, her husband Vince Arcenas & wine importers Bobby Basa Tenchavez & Carlo Calma Lorenzana. It was created after the success of their 1st restaurant Cellar de Oboza, located at their ancestral house on Rizal St. owned and managed by Tricie & Vince Arcenas.

Tricie’s brothers are successful chefs in Manila. Her culinary success began when she opened Salutti last 2007, a hole-in-the-wall Italian Bistro. Her brothers are also chefs. She wanted to bring out a menu where comfort food can be affordable and reachable everyday.

Aside from the selection of quality wines from Lagarde, Cellar de Boca is something to look forward to, in terms of their selection of food on the menu. I got to try their specialties during their opening night. Here are what we had during the said early dinner:

003-9_zpsd0ddce7e photo 003-9_zpsd0ddce7e-1_zps5d2359fe.jpg

Since I didn’t come on time due to work, they gave me a plate of appetizers. (from left-Right) Imbao w/ chorizo, Tuna Tartar & Steak Empanada. Among this 3 appetizers, its the steak empanada that got me craving for more. The imbao with chorizo taste good same as with the tuna tartar.

008-5_zps1124f121 photo 008-5_zps1124f121-1_zpsea400fb3.jpg

Tuna Plantsa is tuna that is cooked on its 4 sides & raw on the center with a tangy sauce. Its something new for me.

014-4_zps530f89a1 photo 014-4_zps530f89a1-1_zps88bdad28.jpg

Boca Angus Steak Must Try!- is their house specialty. Though I don’t eat steak cooked medium rare, I really have to taste this. Its really good, after a small piece, I requested the waiter to have it well-done for me to enjoy it.

016-1_zps7a6fd08d photo 016-1_zps7a6fd08d-1_zps7c58f285.jpg

Paella Fried Rice– its one of their specialty rice, its a mix of seafood in brown rice. Its a must try! same with their Steak Rice which is really good. (no photos)
020-6_zpsb1087eeb photo 020-6_zpsb1087eeb-1_zps5076cef3.jpg

Churros w/ chocolate dip- The dip was made of 100& pure cocoa tablea. the richness of the chocolate paired with the churros is a good match & its not too sweet.
Its really a delight to dine at Cellar de Boca, a great hang-out with friends over a glass of wine and sumptuous comfort food.


Cellar de Boca

2nd floor Fountain area SM Lanang Premiere


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