[Event] Java Jive

Davao has been livelier this past few months, with the opening of a new mall and opening of new places to hang-out. Java Jive is a new coffee shop that has opened a few weeks back. Its not your usual coffee place, this place doesn’t just serve you a cup of coffee, they also has bands which plays nightly. They are promoting the OPM (Original Pinoy Music)  and promoting local artist. Its an avenue for pinoy’s who love to sing and perform.


Its a place where you could bond with friends and family while listening to local artist. As for the choices of food, rice meals are available aside from pastries. For the drinks they have coffee, teas, milk teas & frappes.  We were invited to a day of fun, food tasting and music. Here are what we had that day:


Pie’s and pastries- I like the crusty tuna pie and the moist choco cupcakes..


Civet coffee & Salted Caramel Milk Tea

I like the ambience of Java jive, its a simple place to hang-out where you could listen to OPM and Live Acoustic musics nightly. Its a place where you’d want to go to when you want good food plus relaxing music. I had brought friends there and they love the place as well. Its our newest hang-out place.


Pastries @ Java Jive

A group of us bloggers were invited to the event. We had a picture taken with everyone.  Would recoomend the place to more friends.



3 thoughts on “[Event] Java Jive

  1. I would love to give their pastries/desserts a try because the first time I went there, I was disappointed with the food. I expected more, although it could just be the hype. But great new concept!

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