[Food Trip] Ka Lui Palawan

After our 5-days stay at Sheridan for the CCOWEF camp, we went back to the city & had our city tour before going back to Manila. We headed to Ka Lui for lunch. It took us almost an hour to get a table since we just had reserved on the spot. Upon entering the resto, you are asked to remove your shoes/ sandals inside the resto.


PhotobucketWe were starving upon having a table, we immediately ordered their shakes. Their choices of shakes are quite unique. Here are what we had for lunch:



Tubataha Salad (a mix of fresh tuna strips, bits of fruits in Season w/ Palawan dressing) @ P180 The mix of the fresh tuna, slice of mangoes & the Palawan dressing is really good. A must  try!

PhotobucketFish Roll in coco cream- its included on the Ka Lui Special Set ( Fish steak,Prawns, Fish roll in coco cream, veggies & rice) @ P435

586Crispy Fish Tail @ P385- this is good, especially if you like tuna deep fried with banana fries and papaya pickles.

Our lunch was really a feast of seafoods, not to mention the fellowship we had with friends is something worth the one hour wait. I would recommend this restos to the tourist who are to visit Palawan.


16 thoughts on “[Food Trip] Ka Lui Palawan

  1. Palawan is the one place in the country that I’d so love to explore. It is number one in my bucket list. I don’t think it’s possible in the next year or so though but hopefully I’ll be able to realize visiting the place in due time. I’d love to try out Ka Lui too. Sounds a very interesting place especially when you remove the shoes/ slippers upon entering the restaurant 🙂

  2. everything looks yummy, good choices for lunch before going back. 🙂 i like to try that tubataha salad someday…i also spotted seaweeds, i miss having it for ages.

  3. Hi Nat! The dragonfruit shake looks yummy. Where is this in Palawan? Puerto Princesa? El Nido? Coron? I’m planning to visit Palawan again next year and I hope to include this resto in my itinerary. =)

  4. Yep, share the same bucket list with you Lainz! lol Anyway, When I saw the shoes and you said you are asked to do so, I had to drag cursor up and read the title again to make sure it’s not somewhere out of the country. That is kind of interesting though. I love the fish roll and looking at it and the rest of the food makes me drool!

  5. Palawan is really a haven for sumptuous meals especially seafood. I am sure you enjoyed not just the Ka Lui experience but the whole of Palawan as well 🙂

    I missssss Palawan 🙂

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