Kadayawan Celebration at Apo View Hotel

Apo View hotel celebrates Kadayawan with a list of events this August. From August 6-19, they have this Kadayawan Fiesta which displays Mindanao’s products from food, fruits in season, and other proudly Mindanao products. Admission is free. So bring your Family/Friends/ Visitors to experience the Kadayawan celebration.


                                                                                                                                                Kadayawan is the celebration of good harvest of Fruits and Flowers of Davao.


                                                                                                         pics from http://www.davaolife.com –  Southsea Pearls


                                                                                                      pics from http://www.davaolife.com


The Opening of the Kadayawan Celebration was celebrated by a tribal dance number that was held at the lobby.

Here is the schedule of the Kadayawan Celebration:


The Apo View Hotel

J.Camus St.  Davao City


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