DBTour2012: Food Trip -Zabadani

After a long day from the Davao Life is here tour, we had snacks at Zabadani at The Peak Gaisano Mall. It is a  Halal Middle-Eastern Cafe that has 2 branches around Davao. Their line-up of food and beverages are from the Islamic world such as Shawarmas, Pitas, Mediteranean meals and Salads, Malaysian Curries and Ayran (yoghurt) drink. Owners who are Muslims wanted a business that could cater both Muslims & non-muslim clients with healthy & Halal foods. It somehow is another food trip for me since I don’t usually eat this kinds of food daily. We were served with this during our visit:


Pita Shateerah– its pita bread with ground beef in tomatoes with spices. (its a must try! )

Samboosak– Meat pie wrap in wheat dough with slightly bitter and smoky spices and fried.

Ayran- Yogurt drink either plain or flavored. It helps neutralize the spices when dining at Zabadani.



The Downtown Explorers together with the owner of  Zabadani.


Zabadani Halal Middle-Eastern Resto

4th floor, The Peak, Gaisano Mall of Davao.


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