DBTour2012- The Bone Collector Museum

Davao is such a wonderful place to live, its just amazing that our place has lots of places to visit, we just have to take time to go and explore the tourist spots around the metropolis. Taking a break from my usual saturday work, together with 10 bloggers, we visited the places we usually would pass around downtown.I was part of this tour that was called the Downtown Explorers.

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Darell D. Blatchley is the founder of this museum which just had opened to the public recently on January 2012.  Inside the museum you will find a collection of  marine species, birds, snakes,butterflies horse, monkey, tarsier and other animals which are found abroad. Most of the bone collections are donated from around Davao by some private individuals while others are from private institutions. Blatchley’ himself  collected some of this since he was just a kid. The  highlight of the museum are their collection of sharks jaws, the whale sperm and other forest animals.


It was very educational to visit this kind of museum and at the same time its quite sad to know that this marine creatures died due to the neglect of people around who threw their garbage on the sea. It somehow is an eye opener for us to be responsible enough to throw our garbage properly.

The D’Bone Collectors Museum is located at San Pedro Street. It is open on Mondays to Fridays only – from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Entrance fee is P50 for adults and P40 for students and children.  For reservations, you may call 0919-6240744 or e-mail: crocodiledd1@yahoo.com.


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