DBTour 2012- Pasalubong Center & Cinematheque

The pasalubong center is the recent addition to the places of must-visit here in Davao. It was primarily established by Mayor Inday Sara Duterte to promote and sell Davao products to local and foreign tourist who visits our beloved city.This two-storey center is divided by sections: fruits, flowers, processed foods, and housewares.It is located at Palma Gil St. (formerly DepEd Bldg.) its just a block away from Peoples Park.

Here are some of the products they are selling. Its somehow a one-stop shop for tourist who wants to buy local pasalubongs, they also sell pomelos and other local fruits outside.






The Philippine Cinematheque is a vital part of the Sineng Pambansa or National Cinema program of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), whose mission  is to “bring Filipino films to Filipinos”.

Cinematheque was inaugurated last June 29, 2012 in time for the film festival. It is located at Palma Gil street in a building donated by the city government of Davao. They have  this statue of the late National Artist for Film Lino Brocka, to pay tribute to Brocka’s cinematic achievements. It has a 120 seating capacity. Usually they show classical film and film festivals will be held on this venue.

  • The Cinematheque was designed, and is destined to be, an alternative and accessible venue
  • For classic and contemporary Filipino films, both mainstream and independent
  • for state-of-the-art foreign films sourced through the FDCP’s Film Cultural Exchange Program with other countries, and

for workshops and symposiums on directing, scriptwriting, editing, cinematography, and all other aspects of filmmaking

Credits to: www.fdcp.ph


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