Davao: Life is here Tour Downtown Explorers

Davao Bloggers together with the City Tourism Office and SMART had brought us bloggers and photographers to several tourist spots around the downtown area.Taking a break from my usual saturday work last July 14,2012, we visited the places we usually would pass by around downtown. Our group was called the “Downtown Explorers” We went around the Davao City hall, Osmena Park, Rizal Park & the Davao Museum.


City hall and places near by are the first few stops we had as the “downtown explorers” starts the city tour. Since I was born and raised here in Davao. I’ve never had taken a city tour seriously simply because I would always think that its just around the corner. It was last year when some of my friends from other places came for a visit, that I got to tour them around this places. After a second visit to this parks, it makes me feel that I am once again a kid who is enjoying our field trip.

Davao City Hall -was constructed in 1926, 10 years before Davao became a city.

The Commemorative Monument of Peace and Unity & the Sangguniang Panglungsod at the back.. is dedicated to the different people of Davao, from the different tribes to the Muslims who came and settled here.

San Pedro church is the oldest churches here. The original structure was built in 1847 during the Spanish period. It is one of the city’s first establishment for worship.

As we visited the Davao Museum, I just thought it was a boring places seeing those old stuffs, I was surprised that it was quite interesting to visit this places and know what Davao was way back. The places or buildings it had before, the people who lead the place and the 10 indeginous tribe that Davao has, their history, how they lived and the kind of houses they have. Visiting the Davao Museum, you will gain more knowledge which is unknown even to us who rarely visits this kind of places.

Peoples Park– is often visited by people from all walks of life.

Museo Dabawenyo Viewing Schedule:
Credits to: Angel Deiparine for the pic
It is indeed a wonderful experience visiting this familiar places around Davao. It makes me appreciate more of what our city has to offer and what more it could offer. With the booming city, there are more and more investors here and abroad who are invitesting in Davao, in terms of new malls opening, and new restaurants.The laid-back life, the friendly people, the clean environment.  Indeed, Davao…Life is here.

Credits to: Fra Diavolo Jamir & Gian Carlo Tancotian for the pictures


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