A date w/ multiply.com

Multiply.com had an event held at Cellar de Oboza a few weeks back. Multiply.com way back was a Social networking site wherein you could post at least a few hundred pictures in a month. It also has a blog, music, video wherein you could share them with your friends. After a few years, it was converted into an online shopping site, wherein sellers put pictures and prices of the merchandise they are selling. Now multiply has greatly improve by providing convenience to online sellers simply by doing a marketplace and Stockroom feature wherein you could just put the number of stocks available and the specifics in you merchandise. Bank transactions are also done by multiply wherein the sellers are informed if the buyer has already paid thru bank. Multiply has changed since they saw a potential market on the online shopping which really do give convenience to everyone who wants to shop for good quality stuffs. It also caters to the people who are from afar who doesn’t need to go to the city to simply just shop for good quality goods. As of now, Multiply has 6 million members and 130k plus online sellers. Their biggest market sellers are from the Philippines and Indonesia.


It has somehow surprised me that with the change of multiply from social media site to an online shopping site. Since back then I would usually post all my pictures on the site and let my family n friends view n comment from it. I also do blogs back then and also done two themes for my multiply site. Before the talk, lunch was served to us at Cellar de Oboza. We had our group picture at the end of the program.

I would like to thank Multiply.com for inviting us at Davao Bloggers for the talk and for the token you have given us.


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