[Food Trip] Arpochi

Its nice to know that many restaurants from other places in the country has started to open here in Davao, I had been passing by this Seafood resto along Polo Street near the Autoshop area. We usually pass by there since I just live somewhere near. It was just last month that I got the chance to come try their Crabs, Squid and Prawns.

Arpochi is a seafood resto that had originated in Marbel, it is owned and operated by a family. Their Marbel branch was the first that has been opened for 14 years, they had a 2nd branch in General Santos City and opened its newest branch here in Davao. The resto serves Crabs which can be cooked either Steamed or Sweet n Spicy. Prawns can be cooked Sinigang, Sweet n Spicy or Steamed.

Photobucket Photobucket
We had Sweet n Spicy Crabs, Sweet n Spicy Prawns, Adobo Ilonggo (Native Adobo Chicken cooked dry) & Pusit Steak was served to us. I love how the seafoods are freshly cooked in Sweet n Spicy sauce. You won’t need any sawsawan (condiments) to enhance the taste of the seafood, just have the sauce together with the seafood, its more than enough.

Photobucket Photobucket

My favorite among the 4 dishes that were served to us are the Crabs n Prawns. Will definitely visit them again for another round of seafoods. Would like to thank the owner Ms. Gloria Espa for serving us a seafood feast together with the Davao Bloggers.


Davao Arpochi Seafoods

Polo/ Palma Gil Street, Obrero, Davao City.

For reservations, please call (082) 3058246.

open everyday from 10AM – 10PM


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