Summer Soiree@ Tea’Amo

Milk tea is one of the newest drink that had started last year. It had started to sprout on the local market, in Davao, many milk tea places had also opened. One of the newest who had just recently opened last March was Tea’Amo, a milk tea place owned by sisters who planned to open another coffee shop but decided to open a milk tea place instead since its the popular drink around town. 015-5


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Davao Bloggers members were invited to join their Sweet Summer Soiree. The place was cozy, very colorful and looks so girly! Before they had decided to open this tea & coffee shop, they started to sell their milk teas by joining a tiangge at Garden Oases last December to know if there is a market for milk teas here in Davao. Aside from milkteas, Tea’amo also serves desserts, meals and pastas to go with their milk teas. Upon entering the place, we were told to order a cup of milktea, but since once again, I am not so fond of drinking anything sweet, I decided to try their Yakult series, I ordered their Strawberry Yakult w/ 50% sweetness w/ Pearls. It was good with the right sweetness for me.

Photobucket Photobucket

Desserts were also served to us. Here are what we had awhile ago. My fave is the chocolate cupcake and the cheesecake. As for their meals, we hadn’t had the chance to try it. Would be back to try their pastas and pica-pica foods soon.

Photobucket Photobucket

Tea’Amo is located @ Sanny Sweets Building, Tionko Avenue, Davao City


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