DFAT Bloggers meet-up

I had attended the DFAT bloggers meet up last May 04,2012, had the chance to meet the bloggers who had joined the DFAT or (Davao Food Appreciation Tour). It is composed of food bloggers from around the Philippines who are invited to tour around Davao and taste the food around the best Resto’s and Desserts around town. On the first day of the Food tour, we joined the bloggers to taste the desserts of Lachi’s. Among the desserts that they serve, their specialty is the Sans Rival which has 3 varieties which are the Plain, Coffee and Durian. I wasn’t aware that they had 3 flavors and I had just tasted their plain Sans Rival.


I am not fond of deserts since I am on a dessert “diet”. But that night had my mind feel so  confused, I can’t resist all the desserts that was served, so I decided to just had a spoon of everything, just for me to taste. Here are what they had served us that night. Among the table of desserts served, my favorite was their blueberry/strawberry cheesecake, Durian cheesecake, triple chocolate and not to forget their sans rival.


Lachis Sanrival atbp  is a fave dessert place in Davao. Their specialty is the Sans Rival. Aside from their desserts their meals are also popular. A personal fave of mine would be their Pork Marinara and their Laing Pasta.

Lachis Sansrival Atbp is Located @ Ruby Street, Marfori Heights, Davao City

Lachi’s is open Mondays thru Saturdays, 11:00 am – 8:00 pm. contact number (82) 2245552


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