[Food Trip] The Bagnetian Kitchen

I had a few attempts of dining here, it was just tonight that me and my friends had agreed to give it a try.The first few attempts wasn’t successful . Upon seeing the place in some pictures, I wanted to give it a try since my brothers love Lechon Kawali.. but our family hadn’t had the chance since my parents are trying to avoid pork. My 2nd attempt was when my blogger friends invited me to join them for lunch, I was busy then. It was just tonight that me and my friends had the time before going to play badminton.

Bagnet is a delicacy from Ilocos. It was also called the Filipino-Ilocano Chicharon (Pork Cracklings, made of pork skin).

Upon entering the place, you will see a simple but nice interiors. A few tables where put inside and outside. We decided to try only 2 varieties of Bagnet. We ordered the Classic Bagnet w/ tomatoes mixed in “guinamos” or what they called fermented little fry, and the Bicol Express Bagnet. We also tried their Bagoong Rice which is good for 2-3 persons. The resto also serve other dishes aside from Bagnet.

Here are what we ordered:

Photobucket Bicol Express Bagnet Spicy

Photobucket Bagnet Classic

My fave from the two is the Bicol Express Bagnet.. Wold love to visit them again to try their other bagnet viands and other dishes that they serve. I went home happy today! 😀

The Bagnetian Kitchen

Brick Lane Bldg. Near Starr and Autoshop.


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