[Food Trip] Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade is known for their famous Xiao Long Bao or Steamed soupy Pork Dumpling steamed on a small basket like they do with the famous siomai. When eating the Xiao Long Bao you should be careful as the soup inside is hot, usually you have to put some sauce made of soy sauce n ginger with the dumpling using the spoon and sip it as you take a bite. It was my first time to try Crystal Jades Xiao Long Bao, I wasn’t aware that there is soup inside the dumpling, I was just informed by my friend to be careful in biting it as the soup was already on the plate. The resto had open its 1st branch in the Philippines at the Greenhills Shopping Center area.  Aside from trying their famous dumpling, we had a cup of noodles each for dinner with my manila friends.  The dumplings have different flavors aside from the Plain dumpling that we ordered.  The food was good but the prices is quite expensive. Will still visit them again next time with my family.

Here are what we had ordered:


I was curious about this that I decided to order this hainanese chicken with cold noodles. As it was served, the noodles was plainly bland, I pour some hot sauce to give it a nice taste, but it taste a bit spicy.
Photobucket Noodles with Spicy Chicken

our group just had noodles for dinner with a piece of Dumplings each.

Photobucket  noodles with beef in spicy oil.

Photobucket noodles with dried shrimps & peanut in spicy sauce


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