Davao Bloggers Acquaintance Party

Yesterday was the Davao Bloggers acquaintance party which was held at the Royal House along Claveria street. It was also the induction of the officers for this year. It was my first time to attend the induction though I have met some of the bloggers thru the events I have attended a few months ago.Counselor Mabel Sunga Acosta was our speaker during the event. I was one of the new bloggers since I just started a few months ago. It was a simple yet fun event. There was the usual Quiz night which was done by group, raffles and induction of the new bloggers.Image


I was hesitant to speak in front of a lot of people to introduce myself and my blog site since eventhough I love talking it was kind of awkward to speak in front of everyone which I barely know. It still got me thinking that even though I might be talkative around a different crowd, I sometimes am shy. I think I still have to improve myself by practicing to talk in front of a group of people to develop this skill.


Anyway, the event got me inspired to keep blogging since there were times that I get uninspired and lazy to post blogs. But this time I’m thinking of updating my blogs a few times more in a month for it gives me the freedom to speak out what I want to share to the blogging world. 

The event was really fun. Got to meet   more new people around Davao and around the Blogging world.




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