[Food Trip] Tiny Kitchen


Been attempting to dine on Tiny Kitchen a few times before they had transferred to their new location along Torres st. To no avail, it was always full. So one time me and my family decided to have an early dinner and decided to give it another try. We went their early, we got a table for the 6 of us.

They have transferred to a little more bigger place beside the resto Ronaldo’s. The place was cozy, their menu was written on a blackboard,you’ll just have to ask them to translate their spanish named dishes.

Since I’ve heard that their specialty is Paella, we ordered a small size seafood paella to just try it, it was really good with lotsa seafood. A friend recommended to try their Rosemary chicken, we also did order, and 2 beef dishes which were Mechado and Caldereta and a pasta dish which was with Chorizo something.. forgot the exact name.I love the Calderata with its juicy meat and the yummy sauce, it makes you want to eat more rice with it. Both the

mechado and Caldereta was good

.Β ImageRosemary Chicken

They have big servings..one order is good for 2 persons. Since the 5 of us are first timers in dining at Tiny Kitchen, we were very satisfied with the food, the paella was quite pricey but it was good. We also tried their selection of desserts, we had a slice of Frozen Mango Brazo, n 2 different chocolate cakes with mousse in it..forgot the names since its was my siblings who had ordered them. Though I’m not much of a Spanish food lover, but the food served where enough to convince me to come back to try more of their dishes. I would say I am very satisfied… πŸ™‚

ImageSeafood PaellaΒ 

ImageBeef Caldereta

Our Desserts πŸ™‚

ImageΒ  ImageFrozen Mango Brazo Image


10 thoughts on “[Food Trip] Tiny Kitchen

  1. kaya pala nawala sila sa dati nilang location. the food looks delicious…san sila banda sa torres and anong malapit na establishment?

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