2011…the year that was

As I was looking back about how my 2011 was today, I had suddenly thought of how thankful I should be, what to improve, what I had learned and what dreams has I realized this year. It might be something common, none sense or whatever you might think of. But I just want to share it with everyone.

Happenings 2011

– I had finally joined Davao Bloggers, its one of my goal to start blogging.. thanks to Ms. Ria Jose.. πŸ™‚

– I started to attend events from Davao Bloggers

– I had joined 2 different retreats (CCF Friends & CCOWE)

– Been to 2 weddings in Manila

– Spent the Holyweek Abroad with Family (Singapore-Malaysia)

–Β  Vacation in a new place (Legaspi n Misbis Getaway)

– Friends from diferent places has visited me here in Davao

–Β  Join the Canon Kadayawan Photography Contest

– Opened 2 new stores in Abreeza (HALO & OMG)

– Met a few new friends in Manila…

I guess its some of the things I can remember as of now.. been thinking of what other happenings I had… and will do a list of goals I want to achieve this 2012!



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