Speak up…Be heard..

Back in high school where the honor students are the popular ones in the batch, I was silent, sitting on the side and just talks with my group of friends. Whenever we have group assignments or projects with other classmates, I had a hard time speaking up on my idea on how its done or what should be done. I was being bullied by some of them. I was too afraid to speak up, thinking that if I did, I might get embarrassed if something would go wrong in it. Only the popular people are entitled to speaking their minds out. When I went to Manila for college, it was then that I had slowly came out of my shell. I had learned to fight for my right and speak up for what I know is right. One reason why sometimes I keep silent instead of speaking my mind is that I hate to argue with people.  I hate the fact that I have to fight for something that everyone knows but most refuse to accept. I usually am silent, just observing and hearing people’s ideas, I only speak when I am entitled to most of the time. But with the years of experience in dealing with different people from work, family, friends and clients, I am learning to always speak out and be heard, especially if I know im on the right side of the situation. I have enumerated some reasons why we should speak up:

Speaking up can:
1. show people that you are not dumb.
2. everyone benefits from it- from those who are afraid to those who wants to, u are giving them an inspiration to do so.
3. people get to learn something from what you say.
4. u get to share life experiences- Since not everyone will be experiencing what you are experiencing.. its nice to share some to people
5. speaking up means that you have the right to express your side

6. you get to fight for something you beleive in- People’s respect for you would be higher especially if they know you are right.

7. You get to know yourself more if u speak ur mind and people around you will discover something new from you if u do so.

8.  As you grow older, you get to meet more difficult people, its a good practice to speak ur mind in order for those difficult people to know that you can handle them well

9. It makes u a stronger person if you can express yourself well to others.

10. Its simply ur right to speak up and be heard.

Don’t be afraid to speak and fight for what is right!! Remember that there are no right or wrong ideas, (except if its something really bad).


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