[Food Trip] Don Beppe

Its been almost a month since we noticed that tarp hanging outside Gaisano Mall that Don Beppe is open. I remember one time we went to visit The Peak at the 4th floor of Gaisano Mall, just to check if Don Beppe is open. It was just a week ago, I saw the post of Davao Bloggers people dined at Don Beppe that I told my family that it was open. We were not fond of eating Italian food since my parents prefer chinese food usually. It was just last week that we paid Don Beppe a visit at the Peak. It was actually my 2nd time there, but it was my 1st time to be there with my family. Upon entering the resto, I like the look of its simple interiors, the place was well-lighted. It was like entering a resto at Greenbelt, a very classy yet simple place. We were too excited to taste everything that I forgot to take pix of some of our orders.. Here are wat we ordered:


Beef Pizza

– was really good..the toppings were so tasty.. we love this pizza πŸ™‚


Calzone Pizza

– I think we ordered the veggie calzone something..because when we ate this.. there where more veggies inside.. πŸ™‚


Grilled Chicken w/ Mashed Potatoes

.. it may look dry..but its flavorful in every bite.

Some of the food we ordered that are not on the pictures are the Mushroom Soup – their mushroom soup is really good! and their Clam Soup in tomatoes are also good..a bit tangy but for people who loves something sour, its a good choice. As for the pasta, we ordered the Marinara and the Vongole. We were too hungry to take pictures of the food.
I would highly recommend Don Beppe. Though a bit pricey, with its good quality food and good service. I would definitely pay them more visits soon πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “[Food Trip] Don Beppe

  1. Hi Ate Nat,

    The Peak actually has that “Greenbelt” feel because on it of its exterior. Anyway, Don Beppe has the best tasting pizza in town. Try their Pizza Pesto Lover next tme! You’ll surely love it.

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