[Food Trip] Cyma

I was in Manila for a short visit, met up with friends and dined @ Cyma. Its a Greek-inspired resto at Shangri-la mall. Its been a while since I had finally dined there after a few attempts way back. While waiting for friends to arrive, I ordered a glass of Lemonade. I ordered their Souvlakia Souvlaki its like Chicken Kebabs w/ whole wheat pita bread w/ veggies n yogurt dressing. The chicken fillet was well-marinated with herbs and was grilled. We also ordered Tonnos Salata which are mixed greens with feta cheese,baked onions and marinated potatoes and vinagrette topped with a slice of fresh raw tuna. Didn’t get the chance to take pix of my other friends orders. I would rate Cyma 4/5 for their food and service. I would still love to come visit Cyma again on my next Manila trip.

Chicken Souvlakia Souvlaki

Tonnos Salata


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