Food Tasting @ Royal House

I was invited for the Food Tasting at Royal House yesterday. It was nice to meet the Davao Bloggers and at the same time its my first time to join a Food Tasting event sponsored by Claveria Cafe.  I was happy to be invited to the event since I love food and I love eating. After an hour of chit-chat with the new people I just met, we were told to go up as the Food tasting will be starting, there where at least 20 Donburi meals to be tasted. We took pictures of the rice bowls we are about to taste. Donburi means rice bowl dish consisting of fish, meat and vegetables simmered together and served with rice. A regular bowl of Donburi would just only cost you P70 and the large bowl P80. its made affordable for everyone to enjoy.Here are some of the Donburi I like:
My #1 fave is the Cream Dory w/ mushroom.. Had’nt had picture of the dish. I love the taste of the dory w/ a bit of sesame oil together with Button mushrooms
Photobucket Terriyaki chicken,pork n Beef
There version of the popular Teriyaki is good, tender meat and cucumbers
The shawarma bowl is also good, with the right spices and a mix of a bit of turmeric and veggies
Burger Steak–the Burger steak is just right, the patty is juicy.


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