[Food Trip] Bon Appetit

It was months ago that I have heard from a friend that this Resto have numbers of patrons who would drive their way to Tagum just to try their French food. One time the resto was also published on the local newspapers. I got curious and invited my friends for another gastronomic adventure, but unfortunately, upon arriving the resto, they were no tables for us since we didn’t know that reservation is needed. So after a month from the 1st attempt, we give it another try, luckily my friend has reserved a table for the 4 of us here are Bon Appetit.Its located @ Plaza del Carmen Obrero. At 7pm we were at the resto since we were really hungry. The waiter suggested a lot of dishes that are hard to pronounce, but was well explained to us. We ordered 4 dishes and decided to share every dish. First, we were given appetizers as we were ordering.Here are what we ordered:
Photobucket Salad Nicoise Photobucket
Photobucket tenderloin steak

The meal we had was good,the price for the meal is affordable, but the taste of french food minus the salt and spices didn’t fit us much. But all in all the resto gives good service and the food was good 🙂


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