[Food Trip] Ranch & Reef Pizza’s

I always pass by Ranch n Reef everytime I walk around the 3rd floor of Abreeza Mall, was aware of their buy 1 take 1 pizza good for 4  persons everyday 2-5 pm, One sunday me n my friends where ar Abreeza and was thinking of having some snacks while catching up with them. Decided to try Ranch n Reefs pizza. Their choices are: Roastbeef pizza, Hawaiian and forgot the last one.  We were given 4 glasses of ice tea followed by the 2 pizzas.

Here are what we ordered:

Hawaiian Pizza…It was just so-so

Roastbeef PizzaA must-try..its composed of sliced roast beef..button mushroom, olives n mozarella cheese

After catching up with friends a few slices of this pizza’s we decided to go back n visit Ranch n Reef again for their pizza.. will try the 3rd pizza we didnt order.. 🙂


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