[Food Trip] Moon Cafe

I first came to know Moon Cafe thru a friend who had her college in Cebu. We were on a Cebu vacation last year and was  walking past thru restos at the Ayala Terraces in Cebu. She suggested that we go to Moon Cafe since she had missed their food. I was game to give it a try since I love Mexican foods, especially nachos, tacos and anything Mexican. As we were there after dinner we just ordered nachos, tacos and their sun cooler. After a year when Abreeza was about to open, I just read that Moon Cafe will be opening   in Davao..and we were excited to finally try their food aside from the nachos nce tacos. Their rice meals are affordable and at the same time yummy. One of my faves are the Beef dishes they have with rice. I have dined at moon cafe several times, here are some of my fave foods we usually order:

Campensinos...One of my fave food..its nachos made from flour..its softer compared to nachos which are made of corn chips..

Pork belly w/ Garlic rice is a must-try.. 🙂

Chimichanga is also one of my fave..it somehow is taste like nachos but it is wrapped and fried..its side is crunchy and inside is a bit spicy..

Sun Coolers.. a great combination of water melon. calamnsi and orange mixed w/ pineapple orange juice..perfect to pair w/ their delicious food 🙂


2 thoughts on “[Food Trip] Moon Cafe

  1. Hi Natalie,

    Dropped by your nook and drooled over the photos. 🙂 By the way, how is their nachos? It’s one of my comfort foods but I have been unsuccessful in finding a resto that offers amazing nachos.

    • Hi ina-tay.. Nachos are also one of my fave comfort food, been searching for the best nachos in town too.. So far Moon’s nachos are good..except thAt the campensinos are made of flour nachos instead of corn nachos. Will soon feature the nachos I have tasted in town. Will write abt it.

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