[Food Trip]: Chika-an

Last Friday May 20, 2011, I was invited by my friend Jen on her Birthday Celeb @ Chika-an..a Filipino Resto from Cebu that is newly-opened here in Davao, at the newest Mall..the Abreeza Mall. I was asked to reserve and order the food for her, as she will be late since she lives far from the city. The resto has the Filipino feel, prices are lower compared to Manila’s restos. As for the taste.. I like how the ampalaya w/ dilis is done, to think that I am not a fan of Ampalaya since its too bitter..but really had appreciated the dish. Nothing special w/ their crispy pata n bbq chicken.. Here are what we had ordered:

Lumpia Shanghai

Chicken BBQ

Crispy Pata

Pinakbet w/ Chicharon

Ampalaya w/ Dilis Salad

After dining at Chika-an we went around Abreeza and we decided to have our last stop at TGI Fridays, we just ordered dessert & a plate of Ball Park Nachos. Nachos are my favorite snacks, I usally would order it whenever its available at any restos, just simply to know which restos has the best Nacho’s in town. I would say Fridays Ball Park Nachos is one of my new fave dish…

Fridays: Ball Park Nachos

Friday’s Sundae





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